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The words never said

The thoughts never heard

The things never felt

The emotions never expressed

Are (for/because of) you

Jordan P.

—Disappointed (Part 3)

So I’m just wondering what it would sound like if I read my poems out loud


I like walls

Walls keep everything out

Walls keep everything away

You can go ahead and dig a hole

I’ll just build a wall

Anybody can fall down a hole

But nobody likes climbing walls

Everybody gets tired of trying to climb walls

So they try to break walls

I kept my wall up

And I was fine

But you kept hammering away at it

Bit by bit you chipped at it

Until you finally broke through

And just when you did

You left your mark.

I like walls

Walls keep everyone out

Walls keep everyone away

Instead of digging your hole

Instead of climbing my wall

You broke through it

You forced your way in

And now I’m left with a wall and a hole

And I’ll never be the same again.

10 Things I hate about you

You always call me when I’m feeling blue

You never let me down

You always know when there’s something wrong

You never forget to flip my frown

You always put me before you

You never make me sad

You always make me feel better

You never seem to make me mad

You and I make a really great view

And I can’t be me without you.

Why you are Single

You are single,

Not because you’re weird

Not because you’re lazy

Not because you do things

That make people think you’re crazy

You are single,

Not because you’re boring

Not because you’re passive

Not because you pretend,

Like you have an ego that’s massive

You are single,

Because you don’t care

Because you lie

Because you do what you want,

And you make people cry

You are single,

Because you are mean

Because what you say is nothing new

Because of the things you did,

So I can’t trust you.

Why I am Single

I am single,

Not because I’m dumb

Not because I’m ugly

Not because I smell,

Like I just finished playing rugby.

I am single,

Not because I’m broke

Not because I’m shy

Not because I’m some

Dead end kind of a guy.

I am single,

Because of your smile

Because of your eyes

Because I don’t think

About how to get between your thighs

I am single,

Because I only want you

Because you’re all that I see

Because I’ll be true to you,

But I can’t make you love me.

Beautiful Death (pt.2)

Sitting in the silent room

Mumbling quietly

Watching as the pendulum

Swung from side to side

Staring at the scene

Of subtle beauty

When the rope snapped

And the body hit the ground

"He died too soon."

Said the watcher in the silent room.

Best friend (pt.4)

Hey, I just want you to know

That I can’t get you out of my head

But if it’s not too much, I’ll put on a show

I’ll run around stark headless like my name is Ned

And I’ve been thinking about you

I’m sorry, I just can’t get you out

But I keep lying when people ask “Who?”

We can’t keep going down this route

But you’re always on my mind

Despite the bad and because of the good

There’s no one else left to find

And you know where I’ve always stood

Then my thoughts take a sudden turn

To you, and me, and us, and we

And all the notes that should burn

So you and I could be

You and Me

Sometimes in my mind

I believe that You and Me

Could be and we

Would make something

So beautiful so wonderful

So unbelievable

But on the contrary

We are only

You and me

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow

Even though I write these words

I know you’re with some other guy

So the feelings I have for you I hide.

I can be the one who you can confide

And maybe tomorrow,

You’ll see me that way too.

I don’t want to stay in this room tonight,

And I want to believe you’re waiting for me.

Even if we are not meant to be

I know my life now wouldn’t exist without you.

And maybe tomorrow,

You’ll feel the same way.

And I don’t want to see you go

But I know where you want to be

In my room, on my bed, right next to me.

I kid myself a lot these days

But maybe tomorrow,

you’ll change your mind.


This is something I wrote a very long time ago. Every now and then I go back to it and make revisions to it. But always one thing about it that stays the same, and that is the inspiration behind it. Which was my first kiss. Granted, it wasn’t as dramatic as the scene described in this “poetic short story”. But the thought process of the speaker highly reflects my own. For some reason though, no one ever understood the ending.


She looked up at me. Her eyes glowing through the darkness and sparkling from the fireworks exploding brilliantly around us. Her lips were moving slightly as she whispered her secret intentions to me. I leaned closer to hear her better, but it wasn’t enough. She realized I still couldn’t hear her and she moved closer as well. We were less than three inches apart, my head turned slightly to hear better, my heart racing. “This is it!” I thought to myself. She finished talking and I turned to her and she looked up at me and we looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity but in retrospect was probably only about two—no—maybe three seconds yeah three seconds and I thought about everything I told her and everything that lead up to this moment and everything we’ve been through together and everything she’s been through but I didn’t think about what I went through because I didn’t care what I went through at this moment. The moment I’ve been waiting for for the better half of a year and here it was finally. We started leaning closer to each other again, closer now. We were so close now, I closed my eyes, Bang! Bang! Bang! The cacophony of fireworks, music, and laughter disappeared as our lips met for the first time and it was the most spectacular thing I ever experienced in my life. I knew when everything is right in the world, this is how it feels. And we held each other tightly and “I’m so happy!” is what she’s probably thinking right now, and she was crying tears of joy I could feel them rolling down her cheeks as they partially grazed my lips and we pulled away from each other and we stared at each other and I smiled, and a small smile spread across her face. And then I heard the applause from all around and saw everyone at the park was looking at us and cheering us on and they were impressed by the sight of seeing what something really right looks like. When two people are meant to be together and they finally, after what seems like years of trials and the wrong people, unite and become gods amongst men, deities of love and joy because we finally made it! We are together and nothing could or ever will pull us, tear us, rip us apart. And I blinked, and she was looking up at me. Her eyes glowed through the darkness and sparkled from the fireworks that exploded brilliantly around us. And her lips were moving slightly as she whispered.


if i move

on from this

i will lose

all i am

Reflections #5

In the mirror, I take a peak

At a guy that’s passive and weak

He has not the will to be

Nor can he find the key

To gain the strength

And be brave at length

So he may acquire

The faith in something higher

That one last thing

Which dangles from a string

In front of his miserable face

And can disappear without a trace

It has no reason or rhyme

Nor does it reside in space and time

It brings peace, like a dove

Just one word,